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Johnny Winter:

1971 - "Johnny Winter And"
1971 - "Johnny Winter And Live"
1973 - "Still Alive And Well"
1974 - "Saints And Sinners"
1974 - "John Dawson Winter III"
1980 - "Isle Of Wight And Atlanta Pop Festival -
The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies" -
'Johnny Winter And' does "Mean Mistreater"
Edgar Winter:
1971 "Edgar Winter's White Trash"
1972 "Roadwork"
1973 "They Only Come Out At Night"
1974 "Shock Treatment"
1975 "Jasmine Night Dreams"
1975 "Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer"
1976 "White Trash/Entrance"
1976 "Together"
1990 "Rick Derringer And Edgar Winter Live In Japan"
1996 "The Real Deal"
1999 "Winter Blues"
1976 "Derringer"
1976 "Live In Cleveland"
1977 "Sweet Evil"
1977 "Derringer Live"
1978 "If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot You"
1996 "Required Rocking - Sony Music Compilation"
1973 "All American Boy"
1975"Spring Fever"
1979 "Guitars And Women"
1980 "Face To Face"
1983 "Good Dirty Fun"
1993 "Back To The Blues"
1994 "Electra Blues"
1996 "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, The Best of Rick Derringer"
1997 "Tend The Fire" (Released In Europe)
1998 "Blues Deluxe"
1998 "Guitars And Women" - CD Release w/bonus tracks
1998 "Rick Derringer & Friends" Live w/Edgar Winter, Ian Hunter,
Dr. John, Lorna Luft, Hall and Oates
2000 "Jackhammer Blues"
2001 "DBA-Derringer, Bogert & Appice- doin' business as..."
Gast oder Produzent:
1971 Alice Cooper "Killer"
1971 Alice Cooper "Love It To Death"
1971 Richie Havens "Alarm Clock"
1971 Richie Havens "Connections"
1972 Todd Rundgren "Something/Anything"
1973 Todd Rundgren "Wizard, A True Star"
1973 Thomas Jefferson Kaye
1973 Michael Stanley
1973 Steely Dan "Countdown To Ecstacy"
1974 Jerry La Croix "The Second Coming"
1974 Joe Vitale "Roller Coaster Weekend"
1975 Bette Midler "Songs For A New Depression"
1975 Michael Quatro "In Collaboration With The Gods"
1975 Todd Rundgren "Initiation"
1975 Steely Dan "Katy Lied"
1976 Dan Hartman "Images"
1978 Moogy Klingman "Moogy 2"
1978 Todd Rundgren "Back To The Bars"
1979 Produced Cyndi Lauper Demos For Her Epic Albums
1979 Ellen Shipley
1980 Eddie Schwartz "Schwartz"
1980 Steely Dan "Gaucho"
1981 Hilly Michaels "Lumia"
1982 Eye To Eye
1982 Donald Fagan "The Nightfly"
1983 Kodomo Band "Heartbreak Kids" [producer]
1983 Meatloaf "Midnight At The Lost And Found"
1983 Bonnie Tyler "Faster Than The Speed Of Night"
1983 Wierd Al Yancovic "I Love Rocky Road" [producer/player]
1983 Savatage [producer of demos/atlantic]
1983 Silver Condor
1984 Colour Radio
1984 James House
1984 Kiss "Lick It Up"
1984 Madam X "We Reserve The Right To Rock"
1984 Chris Mancini
1984 Danny Spanos "Looks Like Trouble"
1984 Barbra Streisand
1984 Wierd Al Yancovic "In 3-D"
1984 Adrian Zmed
1985"The Wrestling Album" With Hulk Hogan Theme
1985 Mason Ruffner
1986 Hunt Sales' Space Shot Orchestra "Requiem For A Yuppie"
1987 Cyndi Lauper "True Colors"
1987 Meatloaf "Masculine"
1987 Wierd Al Yancovic "Polka Party" 1988
Rosie Vela "Zazu"
1988 Guitar Speak "Sloe Moon Rising"
1988"Piledriver" Album By The WWF
1989 Wierd Al Yancovic "Who's Fat"
1990 Wierd Al Yancovic "UHF"
1993 "Hats Off To Stevie Ray" Rick Plays "Pride And Joy"
1993 "Fit For A King" Rick Plays "Born Under A Bad Sign"
1994 Cream Tribute Album, Rick Plays "Other Woman Blues"
1999"Mambo Sons" Tom Guerra / Scott Lawson
1999"One Day Away" Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood
1999"Riverview Drive" Damon Fowler [producer]